Executive Assessment

Leadership assessment to C-Suite

At OBER we have commercial experience and extensive executive assessment experience to Board level. With our bespoke leadership assessment we can help your business to identify top executive candidates for the specific leadership role in your organisation.

OBER Profiling ©

Do your due diligence by carrying out OBER Profiling© on senior hires conducted by Senior Business Psychologists / Leadership assessors with commercial experience.

  1. Consultation with a hiring manager 

  2. Advanced psychometrics and interpretation to identify main strengths, areas of development and potential leadership derailers

  3. 2-hour in-depth profiling Interview with a senior psychologist 

  4. OBER Plus Option 1

    360-degree candidate feedback to get an insight into impact on business and stakeholders 

  5. OBER Plus Option 2

    Bespoke and realistic Business simulation designed against future requirements of the role 

  6. Manager debrief / Debrief to the Selection Board

  7. Leadership report on main strengths, areas of development and risks against job requirements

I have commercial experience working in many different industries including extensive financial services experience. Managing tenders and seeing the challenges from client’s eyes made me realise there was a gap in the market for reasonably priced executive assessments which are fully tailored to every client, specific roles and future requirements and conducted by senior business psychologists with min. 15-20 years of commercial experience working in top-tier organisations including FTSE 100 companies. I choose assessors with a breadth of commercial experience across different industries and type of roles. Our bespoke executive assessments provide the insight of the potential impact in a critical leadership role. This independent professional insight from leadership experts can help the Board / senior managers to make more informed hiring decisions and prevent bad hires.

Director Zuzana Robertson C.Psychol

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